D1 – Jets Softball 2019


Select the color of garment desired from the dropdown.

Glitter will be added to all or part of the image, and also to any name or number ordered.

This will be any name, last name, nickname, or any word that you would like placed on the back of your garment. The maximum space for this name on the garment will be 3″ tall by 13″ wide. Typically names are 2″ tall, but if you provide two words together like “Nathan’s Grandma”, we will resize it to fit within the 3″ by 13″ space, while also ensuring legibility.

This is any number that you wish to add to the back of your garment. The maximum space allowed for this addition will be 10″ by 10″. Typically, numbers will be set at 7.5″ tall by proportion with a maximum width of 10″. If you provide two or more numbers, please separate with commas. Multiple number entries will be resized to fit within the 10″ by 10″ area.

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  • 50/50 Blends
  • Shrink-Resistant
  • Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, and Crewneck sizes: Youth X Small to 5X
  • Hoodie sizes: Youth X Small to 5X



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