Kenton Ridge

Spiritwear for Kenton Ridge High School. If the page is empty, then the sales have expired and we are currently working on new designs.

Visit our Facebook Page for updates and to view items we’ve printed in the past.

***Class of 2020 shirts***

First Run
Order cutoff: Nov.4th
Print date: Nov.6th
Pickup date: Nov.8th

Second Run
Order cutoff: Nov.18th
Print date: Nov.20th
Pickup date: Nov.22nd

Third Run
Order cutoff: Dec.9th
Print date: Dec.11th
Pickup date: Dec.13th

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Just some of the awesome things we can do for you. Everything we make can be customized to suit your needs. Who wants a boring shirt, when you can make a shirt that stands out in the crowd!

Posted by In A Pinch Screenprinting on Sunday, February 10, 2019

Did you ever wonder how your shirts are made? Here's a glimpse into the Screenprinting process.

Posted by In A Pinch Screenprinting on Saturday, February 24, 2018